About Album India

About Us

Album India started from their humble beginnings in the photographic industry as photographers; gradually moving to photographic equipment trading then finally settling into the photography/album manufacturing industry.

Our concept was to provide individually customized, high quality solutions to a market that was already saturated with conventional analog designs. From this spark, we gathered the best fine art designers we could find along with an in house facility accommodating state of the art post production equipment.

As the name suggests, all our products from raw materials to final output are “Made in India.” We thus brought a renaissance to the photography industry.


Being “Made in India” doesn’t mean “cheaper inferior quality”; it’s a worldwide concept from our viewpoint. Our first priority is to provide classy elegant customized creation to our clients that stand apart.

We are always interested in creating new designs that move us into the forefront of the album industry that’s why our teams of talented fine art designers, printers and binders are well versed with the latest design applications and techniques. With that notion in the mind, our creations are NEVER template based and are all unique…no two designs ever look the same. Our designers make the best use of their graphical knowledge to enhance the ambience and essence of your studio.

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